Videotrack Videoconferencing Services - Videoconferencing roomHigh Definition/Dual Monitor Videoconferencing Suites: VideoTrack’s facilities include high-definition videoconferencing, with professional lighting, neutral backdrops and high quality microphones to create a realistic in-person experience.  Our dual monitor technology allows you to interact with the witness, attorneys or other participants at multiple locations on one monitor, and simultaneously display exhibits on the second or “dual” monitor via a document camera or computer.  Our experienced videoconference technicians are also legal videographers who have the experience and knowledge to make sure your conference goes smoothly.  We can record the videoconference and provide it on DVDs or synchronized to the transcript on DepoViewTM DVDs.   Videoconferencing is routinely being used for:

  • Depositions and Trial Testimony
  • Witness and Trial Preparation, Focus Groups/Mock Trials
  • Expert Consultations and Case Evaluations
  • Co-Counsel, Partner and Client Meetings
  • Judicial and Settlement Conferences
  • Mediations and Arbitrations

Mobile and Internet Video, Audio and Text Streaming Solutions: At VideoTrack we’ll provide informed, practical advice on how to determine what type of videoconferencing or internet streaming is appropriate for your needs.  When economics or logistics make it difficult or undesirable for everyone to travel to the same site, videoconferencing and internet streaming provide effective and affordable ways to communicate.  Options include:

  • Two-way communication with all participants seen and heard
  • One-way communication with a participant viewing and hearing but not seen or heard by the other participants, communication by email or chat
  • Wired and wireless internet technology with increased quality and security designed for legal communications